• The problem of rubbish dumping in Peru

    When I visited Huanchaco in the North of Peru recently as part of my work with Habitat Pro, one of the things I was most looking forward to was visiting the totora ponds or totorales. These ponds are where the reeds grow that the artesan fishermen use to make their fishing boats – an ancient Mochica Chimu tradition that has been passed down for thousands of years. However, when I went to see the ponds, I was shocked and saddened to see so much rubbish in and around them. How could anyone throw rubbish in such an important area?Read more

  • The Mochica Diaries: Riding in a caballito and final reflections

    This is my final week in Huanchaco, and it’s certainly been an interesting and insightful experience. In this post I will write about how I spent my final week and give some reflections on my time here.

    I felt I couldn’t leave Huanchaco without going for a ride with a fishermen in a caballito de totora. Fishermen often take tourists out on the water in the caballitos. It is a fun activity for travelers and a great way for them to experience the culture dated as far as 900 years AD. For the fishermen, it serves as a second income, which gives them more financial stability and it particularly helpful for the days where they are unable to fish, or when there is not much fish to be found in the water.Read more