After graduating Vanderbilt Law School, Iman started her career as a corporate lawyer representing lenders and corporate borrowers in complex domestic and international secured and unsecured bank financing transactions with extensive client contact and management responsibilities. 

Shortly after entering private practice, she became determined to incorporate public service as a keystone of her career. After being admitted to the bar, she joined her firm’s Veterans Assistance Project, a program which provides legal representation to veterans seeking disability compensation and related benefits. After a short time with the firm’s Veterans Assistance Project and representing numerous clients in disability compensation and related claims she dedicated her legal career to a full time civil rights practice with the Center on Conscience and War. She became the Staff attorney at the Center on Conscience and War. At the Center she worked  to extend and defend the rights of conscientious objectors (CO’s), those who oppose their participation in war, including members of the US military who, following a crisis of conscience, seek discharge as conscientious objectors. She filed and obtained much needed information from the U.S military sector through effective FOIA requests. 

As a member of Lawyers for Black Lives, she actively organized  with the Black Lives Matter movement on racial justice issues. She has a passion for social justice movements and experience advocating on behalf of low-income persons to improve access to basic necessities. She is a program trainer for  Innocent Technologies, LLC working on  improving equal access to education through curriculum which restores and protects the innocence of disenfranchised learners.