Advocating for More Inclusive Education for Indigenous Youth

The number of indigenous peoples in Peru exceeds 9.2 million, yet not much is known about their heritage, language, land and contribution to humanity. Instead, they carry the burden of social injustices, destruction of ancestral traditions and territories, all due to oil spills and illegal exploitation of land. The loss of natural resources not only has contributed to the disappearance of indigenous communities, but to an unfair disadvantage in the fight against

corporations and climate change. This, therefore, demands an urgent need to empower indigenous peoples through education. Dr. Manuel Ibanez, the founder of Habitat Pro Association and a prominent geographer, and Gladys Silva, organization’s President and a specialized psychologist, started a research aiming to solve a small but significant portion of the world’s biggest problem, illiteracy. The study has been designed to determine accurate and updated

information about education and its correlation to the impacts of oil spills, furthermore, the sociological and psychological immediate impacts. Habitat Pro’s ground-breaking initiative will empower new generations in hard-to-reach societies in Peru