#500Strong will educate young people about the traditional practices and continue in rolling basis to fund the creation of a Mochica-Chimú Cultural Center to ensure preservation of culture.


How can this be a meaningful solution?

It will help #500Strong Mochica-Chimu members to…


our support can help us to save the old Mochica-Chimu culture that arose in 900 AD. All donations s will be allocated to promote and preserve the fishing practice of their ancestors.


Totora Wetlands ensures a groundwater balance that mitigates the effect of climate change and contributes to the sustainable development of the Mochica-chimu community.


You can revitalize the Mochica-Chimú fishermen traditional practices.A small contribution can recover the first 5 out of 70 totora reed ponds. Together, let’s break the cycle of poverty and contribute to the mitigration of climate change.


As an organization, Habitat Pro is committed to working toward the empowerment of new generations in the North coast of Peru and preserve the world’s cultural variety. We aim to prevent the extinction of cultures and support educated indigenous youth who stand proudly for their communities and identities.

About The project

The project’s primary purpose is to protect the natural biodiversity and revitalize the traditional fishing practices of the Mochica-Chimú community to break the cycle of poverty.

Gladys Silva, President of Habitat Pro, is a specialized psychologist and representative at the UN’s Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

Dr. Manuel Ibanez, Founder of Habitat Pro, is a proficient geographer recognized by the International Education Research Foundation and a member of the Committee of the Decade of Indigenous Peoples.